About AskMyCal

AskMyCal (pronounced "Ask Michael") is a smart bot built on Natural Language Processing that understands your language, the context of bookings, timezones, service types, durations and much more. But because most bookings are made on mobile, AskMyCal's bots come with built-in smart suggestions, so that you don't even have to type in most cases.

The other core concept AskMyCal is built around is even more fundamental: We believe that you shouldn't need to learn to use, or log into a new system just to get your bookings. AskMyCal makes use of metadata inside calendar events and uses your existing calendar to keep track of every booking that either you make yourself or your customers make online. Just hook up your existing calendar with your bot and your customers are ready to start booking in minutes – with zero training. We do however provide a customer register and handy search funtionalities within the app – but we believe that in 99% of the cases it's much easier for you to ask Siri for your next appointment than logging into a system.

About the team

The team behind AskMyCal has 20+ years from within the online booking industry. Having built successful online booking systems, we know what advanced users need – from barbers and yoga to recruitment and golf. Our exotic mix of machine learning, gaming, usability design and online booking make AskMyCal a one of a kind product for you to start getting your bookings in.