Your calendar

No external admin calendar. No passwords to remember. No set up or third party dependencies. You already have your calendar so why not use that? AskMyCal integrates with the calendar of your choice (by default it creates a new one for you underneath your account).

Your chat client

Chat is the most natural way to booking the time for your customers. They can find you in their FB messenger app, your FB page and your website. AskMyCal understands natural language and offers handy pre-made choices to speed up the booking process. And finally the booking can be added to their calendars as well!

Your booking rules

Are some timepoints worse for you than others? Hook up a second calendar and use that to block your booking slots whenever you have to go to the dentist, pick up your child or run any other errands. You can also define how much before bookings have to be made, how far into the future times can be booked, what times of the hour can be booked and more. Or just late AskMyCal’s machine learning algorithms optimize your fill rate so you don’t get empty gaps in the middle of the day.

Zero configuration and setup time

To get your calendar ready for booking you just need to do three things:

  • Hook up your calendar (Google or Microsoft)
  • Connect to your Facebook page
  • Select any of the pre-defined bookings you want to sell.

Integrates anywhere

Everything in AskMyCal is written with an open API so you and your IT team can easily integrate everything into your own company internal workflows. Check out the API.