Always with you: On your mobile, watch, Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, desktop and web

Because AskMyCal uses your existing calendar – all your booking data is available directly within your calendar. We’re using a lot of hidden metadata fields specifically planned for the purpose to let you know who made the booking, where they made it and when. Because of this, all your devices – from Apple Watch to Android Auto and Alexa Echo – are automatically connected to your calendar and booking system already today!

Enterprise ready

Everything in AskMyCal is implemented with scalability and integrations in mind. Ask for a live demo to learn more! [Ask for demo]

Your customer register and booking history

Although you almost never need to access historical data in your day to day work, there are cases where you might want to look up a specific persons’ all previous bookings or check out the last 10 bookings from online. Luckily this is all stored and you can easily access it at any time! But luckily here as well, you can log into the system with your Google/Microsoft or Facebook accounts so you don’t need to remember yet another password.

No new systems to learn!!!

Starting with something new usually has a learning curve. However, with AskMyCal you’re only using your calendar so there’s nothing new to learn! You can even share a calendar between your colleagues and nobody else besides you even touched AskMyCal in the process.

Quick startup: Sell your timeslots already today

Unlike other online booking systems, AskMyCal has a zero learning curve because you never need to learn a new system. Just sign up and the system will ask you to hook up your Google or Microsoft calendars and then ask for your Facebook login to hook the two together. The app itself is as minimal as possible so that we can pride ourselves in being the only booking system that doesn’t even have a booking system. AskMyCal is simplicity to the core, but don’t get us the wrong way – under the hood there’s thousands of optimizations to allow your customers to book a time that suits them, so that it suits you the best too.